Do you currently lease a new car, truck, or SUV in Charlotte? Is this the first time that you've leased a vehicle? Although you're probably loving your low monthly payment now, you may not love the return fee you are billed when your lease contract is over. Did you know that the dealer can charge you for any blemishes that are not considered normal wear and tear?

More times than not, dents and dings, scratched bumpers and damaged interiors can result in hefty return fees. Before you bring your car, truck, or SUV back to the dealership, make sure to visit the auto body repair experts at Town and Country Ford Collision Center. Our skilled technicians will review the interior and exterior of your leased vehicle to help determine which repairs are necessary.

Our technicians will also buff out any minor rubs and brush touch any minor scratches free of charge for our Charlotte hundred percent complimentary! The folks at Town & Country Ford Collision Center foster the value of old-fashioned customer good-will. We look forward to serving you for all of your exterior and interior reconditioning services.


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